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Double Kiss
Author: Dougherty, Sean Thomas
Pub Date: Mar 2017; 197 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59539-46-2
Price: $19.95

Poetry. Mixed Genre. Double Kiss is the first book ever published that gathers together poems, stories and essays about the world, people, and places where the art of Billiards is played. Included are National Book Award winners alongside unknown writers. A double kiss in pool occurs when the cue ball accidentally hits the object ball twice. This can lead to disaster and a miss, but it can also be used to make the seemingly impossible shot. Contributors include Liz Ahl, Lisa Fay Coutley, Terrance Hayes, Richard Jackson, Meg Kearney, Dorianne Laux, Peter Makuck, Jennifer Millitelo, Joseph Millar, Patrick Rosal, Tim Seibles, Rebecca Schumejda,William Stobb, Heiichi Sugiyama, Joe Weil and many other fine writers.
mammoth book of movies  The Mammoth Book of Movies
Author: Womack, Kenneth
Pub Date: Nov 2015; 398 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59539-010-3
Price: $19.99

The world of film exerts a powerful influence over the many ways in which our culture thinks and feels about itself. In The Mammoth Book of Movies, Kenneth Womack provides readers with an illuminating window into this world through a series of film reviews that speak to the manner in which contemporary cinema impacts our lives.

Featuring hundreds of movie reviews, The Mammoth Book of Movies critiques a wide array of contemporary films. A concluding essay—“So You Want to Be a Film Critic?”—affords students and teachers alike with an informative guide to the art of movie reviewing. The Mammoth Book of Movies is the kind of book that readers will enjoy coming back to—time and time again—in order to consume yet another rich and varied review about the films that touch our lives.
The Working Poet  The Working Poet II
Author: Minar, Scott
Pub Date: Nov 2014; 331 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59539-017-2
Price: $49.95

Poetry. Writing Reference. The Working Poet II is an exercise book and a poetry anthology. It includes writing prompts and instructions from number of poets and an anthology of poems by MAMMOTH books authors.
Poetry 30:  Thirty-something American
Thirty-something Poets

Author: LaFemina, Gerry and Crocker, Daniel, Ed.
Pub Date: Aug 2005; 340 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59539-030-1
Price: $19.95

Poetry. Poetry 30's roster of 39 poets of the thirty-something age group—the baby boom of the American poetry renaissance—is a who's who of this generation. Featuring a diversity of voices and styles by poets from all over the country. Poetry 30 showcases the breadth and possibility of contemporary American poetics.

Sudden Stories:
The Mammoth Book of Miniscule Fiction

Author: Moore, Dinty W., Ed.
Pub Date: Jan 2003; 195 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9718059-5-8
Price: $19.95

Sudden Fiction. The stories in this book are all 350 words or less, give or take a few words. "There may be a difference between flash fiction and prose poems, but I believe the researchers still haven't found the genes that differentiate them"
Denise Duhamel. Bret Lott describes sudden stories, otherwise known as flash fiction, as "a moment stripped of everything to reveal truly, deeply, a matter of life and death."

Sudden Stories includes work by Molly Giles, Aimee Bender, Virgil Suarez, Judith Ortiz Cofer, and Melanie Rae Thon.

Imported Breads:
Literature of Cultural Exchange

Author: Sterling, Phillip, Ed.
Pub Date: Jan 2003; 362 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9718059-7-2
Price: $19.95

Mixed Genre. This literary anthology was born out of Philip Sterling's desire to create a forum within which to exchange stories born out of the experience of "an extended stay in a foreign place, the awareness not only of the shock of returning, but of the aftershocks, those moments and habits that recur years later, at the oddest times, the proof of living sensitively." Imported Breads features experiences shared by thirty-eight writers who stayed in thirty-one countries, and documented in fifty-six poems, seven stories, and twelve memoirs.

Features the work of Cynthia Hogue, Marvin Bell, Carolyne Wright, Richard Terrill, and many, many more.

Rebellious Confessions
Author: Thorn, Victor, Ed.
Pub Date: Jan 2002; 315 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9718059-1-0
Price: $17.99
Black Sheep Books

Mixed Genre. Magazine. Essays. A collection of essays on rebellion, dysfunction and generally sociopathic behavior, with titles such as "The Eight Wonders of Human Stupidity," "The Black Cloud of Terror," "The Art of Rejection," "Confessions of an English Kleptomaniac," "Shit Teeth," "Whim of a Madman," "How to Become a Killer," "A Large Puddle of Half-Digested Turkey and Gravy," "Panty Stealing 101," "Letter from Charles Bukowski," "What is a Babushka Anyway?", "The Dyke Who Came in from the Cold Shit," "Darkness, Despair & Uncertainty," "Spit on a Stranger: Vacant Poems," "Shame," "Poet/ At War," "My Wonderful Modeling Experience, or Lack of, Actually," "The Narcissist" and many more. Contributors include Lisa Guliani, Tarsus Black, Crazy Carl Robinson, Moral DK, Seth Farber, Mary Kay Watkins, Sean Dooley, Leah Alakaheekie, Victoria Krynn, John Galloway, Amber Kaipaka, Sam Vaknin and others.
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